Living by the BOOK


For each of us, life is often a MYSTERY.

We try and make sense of where we come from, we grapple with the problem of why there is so much suffering in the world, why is it that unscrupulous people can continue to exploit innocent, well-meaning people – the list of questions is endless.

Then there are questions that deal with realities beyond our individual experiences which we would dearly love to get more insight on - questions like:

·         What is the ultimate purpose of my life

·         How do I cope with incurable disease like cancer, congenital muscular dystrophy and others

·         How can I find peace of mind

·         Is there life after death, and if there is, what form does it take

·         Why is it so difficult to forgive people who have caused me serious harm

There are, of course many resources that deal with the questions listed above.

In Living by the BOOK we use one resource – the Christian Bible (the BOOK) to shed some light on some of these deep questions, and how the knowledge gained affects our daily life.

The topics covered include:

Our complex make-up

Oppression and intimidation

Health and suffering



The presence of God

The family

Enemies – problem of evil

Managing my habits

Our society


Servant leadership

Our history


Being a team player

Our mission


You are never too old to learn


Three of us – Wolfgang Bernhardt, Sarie Snow and Derek Griffin – have worked on this challenging topic for two years in order to give you, the reader, ideas on what light the BOOK sheds to help us understand this mystery we call “LIFE”, and how to live it so that, when we are done, we can leave with no regrets.

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About the Author

Author Name : Wolfgang Bernhardt, Sarie Snow and Derek Griffin

     ABOUT THE AUTHORS Wolfgang Bernhardt was born in East Germany in the middle of the second world war. He emigrated with his parents to South Africa in 1953, and has lived in this beautiful country ever since. He is a professional engineer with a PhD in chemical engineering. He is married with four adult children, two of them medical doctors, one a teacher and the other a qualified pastor. Wolf (as his friends know him) has a passion for developing people, having devoted more than thirty years of his life to educating young people in different fields ranging from special needs (cerebral palsy), normal teenage children (he taught Mathematics and Science to secondary school children) and University (teaching Engineering Management and Labour Relations to senior engineering students from all engineering disciplines). He is an assessor of university qualifications with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). In the engineering field he worked for 12 years as Chief Scientist at the Sugar Milling Research Institute and authored numerous technical papers. He holds two patents of a new technology which he is actively trying to commercialize. In his personal life, Wolf has been an enthusiastic sports person, and engaged actively in long distance running for many years, completing successfully 8 Comrades Marathons (89m km), and numerous other public long-distance races. Wolf is also a writer. He is the author of “Be an effective Manager” which is available as an e-book on He has written many newspaper articles on management topics which have been published. Wolf is a committed Christian, having followed Jesus since the age of 12 years. He has been a small group leader, member of the Students Christian Association (SCA) at school and university, a church member, deacon and treasurer in his local church. Wolf has played the violin since the age of 9 years (he is still playing – sometimes as part of the church's worship team). He is a member of his church's choir. He feels that Jesus' command to actively introduce others to Jesus (Matthew 28:19) applies to him, and that is what motivated him to start writing this book. Sarie Snow has been a Christian all her life. As many others do, she also asked herself what the purpose of life is, and for more than seven years set out to find answers to a variety of questions. She has a passion for writing and business management. She completed her creative writing courses through Lyceum College, which included freelance journalism on 31 June 2001. Sarie completed her studies on Entrepreneurial Business Management through EBS (Entrepreneurial Business School, Cape Town) in 2008. and then concentrated on running her own magazine full time. She compiled, printed and distributed a booklet from 2008 to 2010 wherein neighbourhood businesses advertised, and local news articles as well as short stories were published. Her husband passed away in January 2011 and her life's journey changed drastically. She became involved with the Church, wrote Bible Study material on-line; compiled History material to follow prophecies and enjoyed Theology research and studies, which eventually led to her meeting up with Wolf and Derek to co-write this book – exploring what it means to live life by God's principles. Trusting that there will be more serious writing to follow she is currently co-managing the Churches Charity Shop and is involved with Bible Study Courses for new Christians. Derek Griffin graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1974 with a degree in Psychology and a diploma in high school teaching. Following six years as a school counsellor, he joined the private sector and spent much of the rest of his career in the training and development of human resources, before returning full circle to teaching in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, where he was Principal of a large international school. He currently occupies himself as a freelance writer and copy editor. Derek is a committed Christian and parishioner at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Westville, Durban.


Book Of The Day

Latest Poem

In my Room long ago
I sat so merry in my abode
Loving hands around me
I dreamt of such glorious days
One day i would see

I remember the day I left
My room
I closed the door behind me
One quick look again
Then walked away
The room which would always remind me

The glorious days I had dreamt
I did merrily spent
How little did I then know
Life turns on a dime
My room is now not as it was
When I closed the door
Behind me

My room now is a prison
But not how one would invision
It is one of sorrow and grief
Sadness burns into the bare walls
I catch my breath
And weep

Why did thou'st doth betray?
The room which once embraced me
I ask with riddled heart
Jagged and torn
Which wicked riddles have I thus sought?

I sit still
I am now my room
No dreams as once before
I age before my open door

In my room long ago
I sat merrily in my loving abode
Loving hands did hold me
All gone

My room and myself
Now one
Two thrust to be together
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