A Spear-Carrier in Viet Nam; Memoir of an American Civilian in Country 1967 and 1970-72


There was another war in Vietnam, one that mostly did not make the headlines: the campaign to "win the hearts and minds" of the Vietnamese people. Fought not with artillery and helicopters but with food, medicine and shelter for civilians devastated by the conflict, the effort was unprecedented in U.S. history, involving both military and civilian personnel working together in widely spread areas of the countryside. Part history and part memoir, this book chronicles an overlooked aspect of U.S. involvement in Vietnam, with a focus on the war victims and refugees who were most tragically affected by the carnage. The author recounts his two years "in-country" as an aid worker and tells how the humanitarian effort was conducted and why it failed.

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About the Author

Author Name : Michael E. Tolle

     Michael E. Tolle is a retired Instructor in History who lives in San Francisco. his unique experiences in Viet Nam began as a volunteer for the World Relief Commission during his summer vacation from college in 1967. After graduating college,he joined the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID),spent one year learning to speak Vietnamese, then two years in country as a provincial refugee advisor in the Central Highlands. His work focused on receiving, caring for and resettling 10,000 Vietnamese who had been expelled from Cambodia after the 1970 coup. He was later transferred to Saigon's War Victims Directorate where he worked managing the countrywide relief effort. After returning to the U.S. he undertook graduate study in History and taught at local community colleges before retiring.


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Countless things put together make us who we are

Perhaps what we’ve learned or things seen near and far

True or false learned from numerous varied sources

Or perhaps something seen travelling many courses


It has been my great pleasure to see some special lands

Majestic mountain vistas, Alberta’s haunting badlands

The vastness of the prairie with horizon never reached

The power of the ocean from a shell strewn beach


I’ve crossed giant rivers, walked beside the babbling brook

Seen the best and worst of nature seldom pictured in a book

The crags of mountain passes, topped by winter’s sparkling load

Miles and miles of wheat the sun and rain has turned to gold.


Acres and acres of deep green peas, topped by the pink of bloom.

Offset in midst of summer with bright yellow canola bloom

A patch-work quilt from nature and the work of many hands

Laid out in squares and diamonds across a great productive land.


The history of Bedford Basin, Louisbourg, Queenston Heights

Twenty four hours of daylight, mysterious northern lights

Beaver pelts to England to make all kinds of hats

And each spring the best of sugar boiled from Maple sap.


A strong beautiful stallion, head high, nostrils flared,

Eyes full of fire and danger as he guards his heard of mares

Several hundred cattle grazing the luscious grass

Or bedded in the shade to let the hot day pass.


Hundreds of pictures we catalogue as we go passing by

Let the good ones erase the bad, or at least let them try

Some of it we saw and some of it we learned.

Some good and some bad but somehow always earned.


There’s always strife and woe, you don’t need to hunt it up

Forget it, let it lay. You know there’s the rub

You may hate this or that but it’s all part of the way

You became who you are; what you are today.

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