Tales of a Firefly


There are so many stories written and told,however, there is one story; My story.This book was written through expression felt in my heart and in my spiri

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About the Author

Author Name : Tonia McGregor

      Tonia began writing at the age of nine, due to a request from her fourth grade teacher; Mrs. Elliott asked Tonia to write a heartfelt essay beckoning the release of the hostages in Iran during Iran hostage Crisis in 1980. As her talents became more recognized, she was asked by both family and friends to write letters as well as poems expressing what they felt in their souls Tonia began her journeys with poetry and essays; writing became as natural as breathing. She always had a journal at hand to record the lesson of the day; whether it was two lines, a stanza, or a story. Tonia McGregor ‘s writing journey continued when she joined a team of writers for her high school literary magazine, Vertigo which published her poems and short stories monthly. Her first published poem” Beauty in The Junkyard” was published by The National Library of Poetry in Owing Mills, Maryland. During her years at Rutgers University, she researched .interviewed and participated in a comprehensive study regarding Triple Jeopardy and its affects and effects on perceptions of women in the Criminal Justice System. The Sociological Abstract was published in spring of 1993 under direction of Dr. Drew Humphries and the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice. In 2006 through 2008; Ms. McGregor was awarded with the Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Poetry Writing by Poetry .com for her poems: “Gymnastics at its best, “Some Days are Better than Others” and “I was reminded”. Both poems “Gymnastics at its best “and “Some Days are Better than other were published in the anthologies entitled “Poetry in Motion” and “Immortal Verses” by Poetry.com. She uses metaphors and similes to gain the reader‘s thoughts. Her poetry begs for you to read it again for new understanding, her poetry tells a story; her words are allusive, imaginary, and intoxicating. She writes personally and she writes for every man. She is a graduate of both Rutgers University and The University of Bridgeport where she earned her bachelors in Sociology and Masters in Counseling. In Addition to acting as a mentor for individuals seeking higher learning; Tonia is an advocate in her community for education, research, treatments and cures for Diabetes, Cancer, and Kidney Disease. Tales of a Firefly is her first book of poetry, and she is diligently working on an anthology of her literary works. Tonia currently resides in Stamford, Connecticut. To learn more about Tonia go to. https:// www.talesofafirefly.com

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Find the calmness in your daily tasks
Find the work that fulfils you
Find the passion that keeps you alive
Find the friends who relax you
Find the serenity from nature sounds
Find the beauty in flowers and butterflies
Find the faith to trust yourself
Find the strength against difficult situations
Find the wisdom to handle negative people
Finding yourself helps you find your universe
And the kingdom of heaven that's inside you
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