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For Tierell Goodman, childhood and adulthood were not always glamour- depression, lack of love from family, mistreatment, loneliness, suicidal ideal, fear, betrayal, nightmares from combat, and mental abuse colored his days and haunted his nights. But through self-discipline, determination, mental toughness, hard work through biblical counseling, and keeping his faith in God that was taught by his grandparents, Goodman transformed himself from a depressed and suicidal young man with no hope nor future in one of the world's top endurances known as "Life." The only man in history whose true mission to inspire others so they "Don't Be Bitter...Be Better...and Execute..." in their daily life help others in this human race.

In Off The Path, he shares his astonishing life story and reveals that most of us face various personal battles internally and as if there is no way out. Goodman's inspiration of no hold bar mentality and no more excuses to push past the storm of life, eliminate self-doubt and negative people, accepting and build self-love, view life through glass that is not tinted, and develop a relationship with God to be able to reach their full potential as it is meant to be.



A darkness grows, threatening the delicate fabric of the Universe. An ominous cloud spreads, bringing an increasing imbalance across the Cosmos. Essences bent on wickedness and ultimate destruction are violently stripping the Energy of Life from innocent terrestrial creatures, bringing Existence to the very brink of collapse. Only one Celestial essence boldly accepts the calling to seek out the source of the encroaching evil and restore Harmony once again to Existence. Azrael, humble servant of Eternity, offspring of Existence, will stop at nothing to protect the Universe, mortal and immortal alike....


Do you know that beneath the very ground on which you walk and beyond the stars above your head are more worlds than you could ever dream of?

There are monsters and witches and wizards who wield magic.

Join Jimmy's epic adventures in worlds far across the ocean. Fear the powerful weapons that threaten to destroy everything,

Jimmy Crikey is a brave soul who faces some terrifying challenges. Solving mysteries and averting mayhem, his incredible courage allows him to free up his abilities to shine and rise above every challenge in his path, on his way to discovering why he looks so extraordinary. With a bright red mop of unruly hair, big blue eyes, a small snub rose, pointed ears and enormous feet, Jimmy is mercilessly bullied. He runs away to search for a world where he can fit in.

Following a midnight flight through the forest, he stumbles into a lost underground world called Roombelow and magic, adventure, danger and excitement await.

Jimmy meets the little lady who lives at the bottom of the well and doesn't know how she got there. Aunt Ethel shows him a starship that could take him home. Jimmy comes across trolls, little people, traders and diamonite thieves, water sprites, witches, helpful dolphins and interplanetary warfare.

Jimmy learns the biggest lessons of his life: what matters most is what resides within, not what you look like from outside.



Christmas has arrived in the enchanted land of Femich. But problems this season underscore the division between two villages caused by rumors and distrust.

Young Sheribelle is chosen from among the others by a fairy Queen for a special journey to restore the Spirit of Christmas between the villages. On her quest, she meets a small boy named Sammy, who is from the village on the other side of the mountains. Together, they become friends and attempt to restore the Heart of Christmas.



Join me on a 60-year adventure from medical school to re-retirement. There will be many funny stories and some sad ones that influenced my approach to treating patients, and I will give you a glimpse of the grueling life of a medical student, an intern, and an orthopedic resident in the 1960s plus my Navy career, how I established my private practice, and my contributions to orthopedic surgery. Also, I express my feelings about how medicine has changed from then to now and why.
I don't think there is comparable work on the market, and your trip with me will be well worth the read....


“People of the West: A Classic Western” by Dave McGowan and Pale Horse Publishing

A collection of short stories (along with some back-ground) and a few poems are now available on

1793  Marker of Stone                                             8

1867  Lucky          , 1888         Into the Mountains, 1914 Stealing Janet's Cattle,

1936  A Voice From Beyond,

Just Feeling Good, The Reason for the Season, An Old Rancher's Christmas                  

1940  Deacon ,              

Native Sons in World War I, Inclusion, Education

1942  Invasion     

The Road That Couldn't Be Done, Hiking Mountain Ranges  

1963  Sure, I can do that!         , 1966 Blizzard!

Knowing What Matters, A Real Man          

The first story takes place in 1793 and the last in 1966

Kindle - $0.98. Print soft cover $8.55



Will love triumph and heal the angry scars of broken trust and neglect?

After 10 years away Stan, the Manvin heir is back… And his return shakes the whole family.  Deep secrets and hidden desires begin to unravel as each Manvin struggles with their inner demons.

Steve his step-brother has married Amy, the girl Stan was forced to leave behind. Amy cannot forget Stan, her first love and now he's back. Julie, the youngest Manvin has secrets that threaten her mental state. Can Mama Leah, the matriarch still hold the family together?

Is blood really thicker than water… Or will the Manvins prove that some things run deeper?



Prepare for the unexpected as you experience the chilling and downright frightening tales of the supernatural. A shapeshifting alien, an escaped serial killer, a vengeful spirit and an all consuming blood demon are just a few of the unforgettable characters you'll get to meet, if you dare! Be careful what you decide to chant into a mirror. You never know what may be unleashed as a result!...


This book contains 368 quotes that I have heard from recovering addicts and alcoholics. They are profound, funny, cringe-worthy, memorable, and powerful. They will allow you to reflect, remember and reassess your recovery. This book is broken up into just three parts: Getting Here, Staying Here, and Higher Power. Some of us came in, came to believe, and stayed. Some of us came in and left. Some of us came in, left, and came back. This book takes something from all of us and we continue to pray for those who haven't come in yet. Take what you want and leave the rest. All proceeds are used to buy more books and are shipped to rehabs across the USA.


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Latest Poem

Countless things put together make us who we are

Perhaps what we’ve learned or things seen near and far

True or false learned from numerous varied sources

Or perhaps something seen travelling many courses


It has been my great pleasure to see some special lands

Majestic mountain vistas, Alberta’s haunting badlands

The vastness of the prairie with horizon never reached

The power of the ocean from a shell strewn beach


I’ve crossed giant rivers, walked beside the babbling brook

Seen the best and worst of nature seldom pictured in a book

The crags of mountain passes, topped by winter’s sparkling load

Miles and miles of wheat the sun and rain has turned to gold.


Acres and acres of deep green peas, topped by the pink of bloom.

Offset in midst of summer with bright yellow canola bloom

A patch-work quilt from nature and the work of many hands

Laid out in squares and diamonds across a great productive land.


The history of Bedford Basin, Louisbourg, Queenston Heights

Twenty four hours of daylight, mysterious northern lights

Beaver pelts to England to make all kinds of hats

And each spring the best of sugar boiled from Maple sap.


A strong beautiful stallion, head high, nostrils flared,

Eyes full of fire and danger as he guards his heard of mares

Several hundred cattle grazing the luscious grass

Or bedded in the shade to let the hot day pass.


Hundreds of pictures we catalogue as we go passing by

Let the good ones erase the bad, or at least let them try

Some of it we saw and some of it we learned.

Some good and some bad but somehow always earned.


There’s always strife and woe, you don’t need to hunt it up

Forget it, let it lay. You know there’s the rub

You may hate this or that but it’s all part of the way

You became who you are; what you are today.

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