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Kendal Richardson
Kendal Richardson, a boy born with the odds stacked against him. Rejected by his birth family, thus having a lack of identity and a place to truly belong, he was adopted by a loving family. Yet, abuse still found him, not in the hands of his adoptive family but his neighbors - his innocence was stolen by rape and molestation and he set off on a path of self-destruction and he destroyed others along the way. There was something missing, a huge void he was looking to fill by looking for love in all the wrong people. Just when it seemed that all hope was lost, a lifeline in the form of God reached over to him. This book follows Kendal Richardson's journey from a place of great travail to discovering God and how HE turned his life around. From being rejected and abused by people only to be loved unconditionally by God. 
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For every tear 
My soul fades away 
And words are a spear 
Killing with no delay.

I feel so broken and diminished 
While no one cares 
I am angry, undone, and finished 
While no one listens cries 
In the dark of the night 
And yet, I dare to fight.

Steal my joy 
I am a toy of pain 
A soul to eradicate 
I feel now so plain.

I wished that more and more 
I could be straightforward 
To tell the world my words are a door 
To protect my feelings from the sword 
The spoken words can hurt with no delay
While my dreams and desire to stay 
Stays by nothing but the thread 
While you forget all I said 
So far...
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