Mind Openers 1.0: A Conceptual Review of Modern Physics


20 Hour & 2 Minutes


Mind Openers 1.0 is the first of a two-part set. It chronicles how the astounding discoveries of modern physics have fundamentally changed our understanding of reality. Using a mix of historical narrative, intuitive analogies, and graphics - the book explores, explains, and wonders at meaning of our deepest theories.

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About the Author

Author Name : Alphonsus Fagan
Narrator Name : Alphonsus Fagan

     I am a geophysicist, living in Newfoundland, Canada - where the culture, weather, and terrain are a constant source of entertainment, challenge, and adventure. Do come and visit! I am also an educator who (through my training company - Petro-Ed) has specialized in translating scientific material for the layperson. Over the years, I have also maintained a keen interest in "pure" physics: a subject that grows ever more fascinating with each passing day. In my semi-retirement, I have (so far) authored two books: "Mind Openers 1.0: A Conceptual Review of Modern Physics" and "Mind Openers 2.0: A Conceptual Reinterpretation of Modern Physics". My goal in these offerings was to present some of the deepest ideas in physics in novel and interesting ways - so as to facilitate greater understanding by both the non-expert (who just happens to find the subject interesting) and the student (who may be considering a career in science in general or physics in particular). Happy reading!


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In my Room long ago
I sat so merry in my abode
Loving hands around me
I dreamt of such glorious days
One day i would see

I remember the day I left
My room
I closed the door behind me
One quick look again
Then walked away
The room which would always remind me

The glorious days I had dreamt
I did merrily spent
How little did I then know
Life turns on a dime
My room is now not as it was
When I closed the door
Behind me

My room now is a prison
But not how one would invision
It is one of sorrow and grief
Sadness burns into the bare walls
I catch my breath
And weep

Why did thou'st doth betray?
The room which once embraced me
I ask with riddled heart
Jagged and torn
Which wicked riddles have I thus sought?

I sit still
I am now my room
No dreams as once before
I age before my open door

In my room long ago
I sat merrily in my loving abode
Loving hands did hold me
All gone

My room and myself
Now one
Two thrust to be together
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